Travelling Salesman Joke No. 44892

A travelling salesman was out in the country one evening and wasnt sure how to get back to the main highway. He came upon a farmhouse and asked the farmer if he could spend the night. "Sure," said the farmer. "Ive got some beans and cornbread on the stove, but Ive only got one bed, so youll have to sleep with me."The salesman was very grateful. So they had dinner and went to bed early. The salesman was used to keeping late hours and couldnt get to sleep. His tossing and turning was keeping the farmer awake so the farmer finally suggested they play football. The salesman didnt understand."Heres how it works," said the farmer. "Everytime you fart, its a touchdown." The salesman thought it sounded fun, and they started playing. The salesman took an immediate lead, with the farmer struggling to squeeze even one out. Finally he felt one coming on and he strained and grunted and strained and grunted…and let a big wet one rip all over his side of the bed. "Whatll we do now?" exclaimed the salesman."Halftime. Switch sides."

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