Two Dwarfs in a Bar

Two dwarfs are sitting in a bar talking about women and beer when a couple of prostitutes stide up to them.

Like any buisness tonight?

They ask, making sure their ample clevages are showing.

Ay! Allright Of course obviously they are scottish…

Just so happens we have two rooms in the hotel accross road The first dwarf, Malcolm says.

They cross the road and go up to their hotel rooms which are situated next to each other. Dwarf number 2 Jimmy as he likes to be called sits on the bed with his partner for the night.

Ahhh….has been a long time since I have enjoyed such a woman as yourself Jimmy tells his new found friend. But to his disgust he has great problems trying to get lil Jimmy to cooperate…. To make the situation worse he can hear Malcolm in the next room….

ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! MMMWWAWWAAAAA!! Obviously he is having far greater success… In fact at this point in time Jimmy is thinking, Malcolm is the God of sex… Capable of arousing and giving almost painful pleasure any woman.

Next morning Jimmy walks across the road the bar for an early pint to drown his sorrows in. but sitting at the counter is Malcolm.

Ahhhh…hello Malcolm, what an appauling night…Lil Jimmy wasnt playing along says the dwarf…

Hah!! says Malcolm.

Its fine for you. I couldnt even get on the bed!!

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