Two Irishmen, Abdul and Mohammed,

Two Irishmen, Abdul and Mohammed, are driving their camel across the
desert. At the last two oases, the camel has refused to drink, and is now
quite dry. They fear he will die of dehydration. They reach one more
oasis, and after Abdul and Mohammed have slacked their thirst, they start
to work on getting the camel to drink. No amount of urging, cursing, or
beating the camel sticks will get him to drink the water.

Finally, in desperation, Mohammed tells Abdul: We will force him to drink.
I will grab his ears and push his head down into the water. Meanwhile, you
go around the back and suck. Abdul agrees, and they begin the plan.
After several minutes have passed, Mohammed asks Abdul: How are things
coming back there? Abdul replies: I think you have his head too low, all
I am getting is mud!

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