Very religious Islamic man and The Iblis (The Devil)

There was a devote Islamic man who did his prayers five times a day.

Now, the first prayer was rather early in the morning, but he was always awake in time because the prayers were important. One morning, however, he was about to sleep though his prayers, when there was suddently a noice in the closet.

Realizing he was late, he quickly got up and said his prayers. After he was done, he went to look in his closet, and there was Iblis (the Devil).

The man said Iblis, were you the one that woke me up?

Iblis said Yes.

The man replied Well, why didnt you let me sleep through my prayers?.

And Iblis replied Well, I thoguht about it, but then I realized how bad youd feel, and how youd try and make it up to God, so I decided Id better wake you up.

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