Very Short Lists

Very Short Lists:

1) List of Golf Courses that do not allow Doctors

2) List of all night Gay womens bars in Iran

3) List of DRs who do gratis Brain Surgery

4) List of Hospitals with Drive-Thru window Service

5) List of Home cures for Ebola Virus

6) List of Homeless Boston Debutantes

7) List of Catholic Abortion referral services

8) List of Women Rabbis and assistants

9) List of Women Popes, Cardinals & Bishops

10) List of Mens Rape assistant groups

11) List of Battered Mens Help Groups

12) List of Cuban registered voters

13) List of Libyan registered women voters

14) List of Libyan Licensed women truck drivers

15) List of Libyan women lawyers

16) List of Libyan women with PHDs

17) List of Libyan Women Service Clubs

18) List of interstate Highways with no Numbers

19) List of U.S. Cops who have never eaten a doughnut

20) List of People who have survived going over Niagara Falls

21) List of People who have been in a UFO and are not crazy

22) List of People who can whistle while drinking beer

23) List of Pregnant Men

24) List of Men who wash dishes, do the laundry & iron at the same time

25) List of Women who drink 24 beer while watching 3 football games

26) List of Women who can out shoot, & skate Wayne Gregskey

27) List of Licensed flyable Airplanes with no wings

28) List of Blind Licensed Drivers in Calif.

29) List of Midgets over 6 foot tall

30) List of living trees made of plastic

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