Walk him and pitch to the Giraffe

Best when told with a heavy Italian accent when the father speaks.

An Italian boy has a life long dream to go to school in the United
States and it finally comes true (good thing for this joke) when he is
accepted to Columbia University in New York. After a couple of years
at school his father comes to visit him in America.

The boy is
very excited to see his father and ask what he would like to do in
America. The father says, This isa America. Id a likea to goa to
a baseball game.

So they head on down to Yankee stadium and as it
turns out its oldtimers day. Roger Maris comes to bat and hits a
long ball which is heading for the left field seats. The father stands
up and yells, RUNA ROGER, RUN.

Micky Mantle comes up next and hits
a fly ball to deep right field. Again, the father stands up, and yells

Next Joe Dimagio steps out to the plate. There
pitcher throws ball one, ball two, ball three and walks him on four
pitches. As Joe Dimagio starts to trot to first base the father stands
up and shouts, RUNA JOE, RUN.

No, his son interrupts, He has four balls, he walks.

His father stands up again, walka proud, Joe, walka proud.

John Fereira

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