Warning Labels

*** ON TESCOS TIRAMISU DESERT – Do not turn upside down. (Printed on the bottom of the box.)*** ON MARKS & SPENCER BREAD PUDDING – Product will be hot after heating*** ON PACKAGING FOR A ROWENTA IRON – Do not iron clothes on body*** ON BOOTS CHILDRENS COUGH MEDICINE – Do not drive car or operate machinery*** ON NYTOL (A SLEEP AID) – Warning: may cause drowsiness*** ON A KOREAN KITCHEN KNIFE – Warning keep out of children*** ON A STRING OF CHINESE MADE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS – For indoor or outdoor use only.*** ON A JAPANESE FOOD PROCESSOR – Not to be used for the other use*** ON SAINSBURYS PEANUTS – Warning: contains nuts*** ON AN AMERICAN AIRLINES PACKET OF NUTS – Instructions: open packet, eat nuts.*** ON A SWEDISH CHAINSAW – Do not attempt to stop chain with your hands*** ON A PACKET OF SUNMAID RAISINS – Why not try tossing over your favorite breakfast cereal?

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