Ways to be annoying in computer labs

36. Bring in a bunch of magnets and have fun.

37. When doing calculations, pull out an abacus and say that sometimes the old ways are best.

38. Play Pong for hours on the most powerful computer in the lab.

39. Make a loud noise of hitting the same key over and over again until you see that your neighbor is noticing (You can hit the space bar so your fill isnt affected). Then look at your neighbors keyboard. Hit his/her delete key several times, erasing an entire word. While you do this, ask: Does *your* delete key work? Shake your head, and resume hitting the space bar on your keyboard. Keep doing this until youve deleted about a page of your neighbors document. Then, suddenly exclaim: Well, whaddya know? Ive been hitting the space bar this whole time. No wonder it wasnt deleting! Ha! Print out your document and leave.

40. Remove your disk from the drive and hide it. Go to the lab monitor and complain that your computer ate your disk. (For special effects, put some Elmers Glue on or around the disk drive. Claim that the computer is drooling.)

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