Weather or not…

Three men are sitting on the beach in Miami.

Moishe says; So, I had a lumber business.

Huge inventory. Then one night a tragic fire swept through my yard, leaving me nothing to sell but ashes. I collected the insurance, and here I am.

Bernie replies; Really? Similar story for me.

I had a paper supply house. One night

the sprinkler system accidently goes off, soaks all my inventory, and BANG!, here I am in Florida with my settlement!

They both look over at the younger man.

So… why are you here?, they ask.

My name is Joel and I was a tailor making nice shirts in Hawaii. Without much warning a hurricane hit and blew all my inventory out to sea. Like you, I collected my insurance and here I sit.

The older two men look at each other and nod silently.

Then Bernie says;

How do you make a hurricane?

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