Weird get weirder as year near end

Copied from Houston Chronicle Columnist, Jim Barlow:
Enough of the serious stuff. Its a new month and time for Weird Business News – a look at the antics of Homo Businessperson in search of a buck.

Cheers to toy maker Mattel for its new doll, Barbie Loves Frankie Sinatra. We needed Barbie in a metallic dress drinking martinis and smoking.

And thanks to reader Stan Daley who reports the sprinkler he just bought had a sticker on the bottom stating that its for outdoor use only. Dang, I wanted to use it in the living room on my wifes potted plants, he said.

Our At Least the Boss Doesnt Need a Costume Award to the National Retail Federation survey that found 39.1 percent of American workers say they have considered dressing up for Halloween at work.

The Why Remind the Investors What Might Happen Award to Poore Brothers of Goodyear, Ariz., which announced it is dropping its NASDAQ stock symbol POOR in favor of SNAK.

Best Internet Site Name: IveBeenGood.com, an online merchant. Proposed Internet site: IveBeenBad.com for those looking for a good spanking.

The Readability Award to Burlington Resources for the notice of its stockholder meeting set for Nov. 18. On pages B-21 and B-22 theres one sentence that is so long that it cant be repeated here, since it would fill the entire column. Or maybe that should be the Mama, Dont Let Your Lawyers Grow Up To Be Writers Award.

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