When would you use Ollie North to sell?

Full page ad brought back from a recent trip, taken from the British
paper The Times (Feb 4 1989).

A full page picture of Ollie North is featured, with his right arm
raised, as if swearing before a court. The subtitle is:

With a few notable exceptions, no one can transfer money
round the world more efficiently than us.

The ad continues:

We think its time to come clean. Girobank has been
transferring large sums of money half-way round the world
for years.

Its hardly a risky business. Our centralised
international division, with its unique links to the
entire overseas Giro network, allows business to be
conducted at maximum speed and with the minimum of

And even if your transaction should prove difficult
(as it might in Nicaragua for example) we can provide
documentary collections, letters of credit, bonds and

All in all, Girobank adds up to less hassle and more
choice for the businessman or woman. A call to the number
below will reveal the full story. Frankly, we think the
whole world should know.

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