When you have no money how to get free drinks

There was this man who was down on his luck and felt he needed a few drinks. He went to this bar and drank several drinks, when he was done he stood up and walked toward the door. The bartender shouted at the man, Hey mister, are you going to pay for those drinks?

The man looked back at the bartender and replied I already paid you, then walked out the bar. Almost immediately he saw one of his friends and told him about the bartender, Just go in there and drink all you want then get up and leave, When the bartender asks you to pay the tab, just tell him you already did. This sounded easy enough so he went in and had several drinks, The bartender went to him and said, Before you came in, another man was here before you, when I asked him to pay his tab he told me he already did, but I dont remember him paying me.

The man replied, I would love to stay and here your story but I dont have time, can I have my change please?

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