Whos Smarter – Catholic or Mormon boy?

A Catholic boy and a Mormon boy are arguing about which is smarter. The Catholic boy suggests they go to his priest in the Catholic cathedral and ask him to help them resolve the problem.

Upon entering the cathedral, the Catholic boy tells the priest of their problem figuring out who was smarter – to which the priest quickly replied, Well, the Catholic boy is smarter, of course.

The Mormon boy wasnt convinced, so he asked the priest to prove it. So, the priest pointed up to the large wall in the cathedral where a huge cross with the crucifix stood – also with the two people crucified on either side of Him also on the wall.

The priest asked the Mormon boy who the man in the center was, to which he quickly replied, Thats Jesus on the cross – of course!

The priest nodded approvingly, then asked, now who is that on the right of Him? The Mormon boy didnt know.

Now who is that on His left? The Mormon boy didnt know that one either.

The smug priest now questioned the Catholic boy with the same questions – to which he answered all three correctly: Who is that in the center? – Jesus, of course! answered the catholic boy.

Who is that on the right? – That represents the Pope! said the boy.

Who is that on the left? – Thats the High Priest of the Catholic Church! answered the boy confidently.

The catholic priest turned and smiled confidently at the little Mormon boy and said, See? Its clear the Catholics are smarter…, to which the Mormon boy replied, Thats not fair! All we were taught was that Jesus was crucified between a liar and a thief!

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