Why cats are better than men

They know when they are in trouble.
They dont want you to get off the phone to pay attention to them.
They dont use indoor implements for automobile uses.
They dont expect you spend your entire weekend watching sports.
When you want to snuggle they dont expect you to follow through.
They dont smoke.
They dont leave dirty dishes in the sink.
They dont pout for days when you tell them they cant have a new toy
They dont throw their stuff on the dashboard of the car.
They dont get amorous over football.
They dont steel your covers in the middle of the night.
They dont kick you out of bed in their sleep.
They dont eat all of the icecream out of the freezer.
They cant monopolize the remote control.
They dont squeeze the toothpaste from the wrong end.
They dont use your toothbrush for nefarious reasons.
They dont leave dirty socks in the living room.
They dont leave the toilet seat up!

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