Workplace humor (adult themes)

Ive worked for bosses both tuff & easy-going; sane & eccentric (bosses are never crazy), but by far the oddest was one who liked to hang mottos on the wall. One infamous sign posted read: I realize all work and no play will make one a dull person; however here, all play and no work will make one a street person.

Did ya ever notice an interviewer making notes during the process? I saw one actually cross-out one of my answers on the application. Where it said Sex: and I had answered, I do OK. He had the gull to cross my response and put down crazy man.

Walking by two secretaries one day, I actually heard one say: Its simply fantastic the amount of work you can get done, if you dont do anything else all day.

Anyone whos ever worked in an office is familiar with the endless collections for this charity or that person. I heard one tired & overworked secretary respond one day to a request for a donation to the Sexual Freedom League, that she gives enuff at home.

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