World War II Pilots

An American pilot who had downed a German Messerschmidt, visited the German
pilot in the field hospital. Finding the fellow in pretty bad shape, the
American asked if he could do anything for him.

The Nazi admitted that he did have a favour to ask. The leg they amputated, on
your next bombing run, could you drop it over Germany?

Sure, pal.

It was a pretty weird request, but the pilot was happy to oblige and came back
to tell him the mission had been carried out.

The grateful German gasped his thanks, and another request. The other leg got
very bad, they had to cut it off. Could this, too, be dropped over my homeland?
It would mean a great deal to me.

The American shrugged, but returned two days later with the news that the job
was done.

Many thanks, whispered the downed Nazi, now ashen faced and unable to lift his
head from the pillow. I have just one final request. Last night they had to
amputate my right arm…

Now hang on just a darn minute, interrupted the American angrily. Are you
trying to escape?

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