You cant trust a lawyer?

(This happened about 15 years ago to my father-in-law, who worked at
the time for the anti-trust division of the justice department.)

The justice department was trying a case against a company in New
York, who had engaged the senior partner of the biggest law firm
there, Alan Dean, to defend them. My father-in-law represented
the Justice department.

There was a LOT of evidence and each side had their own idea about
how to refer to the exhibits. My father in law went by the school
of 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B etc, while Alan Dean went by A, AA, B, BB, BBB, C.

At one point, well into the trial, a piece of evidence for the
defense was labeled PPPP. The judge was about half asleep
but this reference caught his attention.

Judge: Mr. Dean, what number was that exhibit?

Alan Dean: Pee pee pee pee your honour.

(the courtroom and judge giggles, every time pee pee pee pee is

Judge: (smirk) Mr. Dean, please abbreviate your exhibit names
from, for example, pee pee pee pee to 4Ps.

AD: Yes your honour. Id like to display the next piece of evidence.

Judge: What number would that be, Mr. Dean?

AD: 4Q, your honour.

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