You know youre addicted to photoshop when..

You see the world with one eye and stock images with the other.

When asked what the primary colors are, answer RGB

You get the urge to fix poor quality images.

You start teaching your significant other to use this evil program and in the space of one afternoon convince them its at least only quasi-evil in the face of PSP.

You ramble about a breakthrough in the piece youre doing to people who have no idea in hell what youre talking about

You ponder the meaning of existence without layers.

You never leave the house without a digicam and notepad.

You drop something and your brain tells you automatically Ctrl-Z! Ctrl-Z!. When you realize it wont work, your brain tells you Ctrl-Alt-Z! Ctrl-Alt-Z!

Youre getting dressed for something important and you look in the mirror and realize you would look so much better if you could just tweak the levels a little and apply a slight gaussian blur.

You stop on the street to rant about cheesey effects that should not be on professional posters.

You scream out fonts as they appear on TV.

You have dreams in glowing edges

Youre standing by the ocean and wondering who used Ocean Ripple.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to Photoshop.

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