Your waiter is a Microsoft Technician

You: Waiter. Waiter!!! I have a problem.Waiter: Yes sir. Before I can help you with your problem I need to get your zip code, phone number, and birth date.
Ok great thankyou. So what is the problem?You: Well there is a dead bee in the soup that you brought me.Waiter: Will you please leave our restaurant, and come back in? Then the dead bee might have disappeared.You: No Ive tried that but it didnt work.Waiter: Well maybe there is something wrong with how you handled the soup? Please try using the fork.You: Well it doesnt matter if I used the fork, there is still a dead bee in my soup. Are you going to bring me another soup?Waiter: Before we can do that, I must check to see if your plate is compatible to the bowl. That might have caused the dead bee to appear in your bowl.
Waiter: Ok it does look compatible. Can you please tell me exactly what you where doing before you realized that there was a bee in the soup.You: Sigh, just forget it. Ill just take the bee out of the soup and drink it.Waiter: Ok well if that would satisfy you. We work hard to give you the best support as possible. Please call me again if you have any problems. Here is your bill.Todays Soup $ 5.00
Support $ 10.00 (10 minutes)
$ 15.00

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