Yuks from the Yakutsk

Taken from The Jokes of Oppression: The Humor of Soviet Jews.

Question: What does friendship among Soviet nationalities mean?

Answer: It means that the Armenians take the Russians by the hand; the
Russians take the Ukrainians by the hand; the Ukrainians
take the Uzbeks by the hand; and they all go and beat up
the Jews.

Question: Whats meant by an exchange of opinions in the Communist
party of the Soviet Union?

Answer: Its when I come to a party meeting with my own opinion,
and I leave with the partys.

Three prison inmates were locked in the same cell; they soon began

What are you here for? asked one inmate of another.

They put me in for beating up some old Jew named Khaimovich,
snarled one man.

And why are you here? asked the second of the first.

For having defended some old Jew named Khaimovich in a fight, he

And what were you arrested for? the third inmate was asked.

For being Khaimovich, he sighed.

Scott C. Jensen

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