2 rednecks in New York

Billy Bob and Cletis save their money working on the ranch in Texas and fly to New York city. When they get off the plane and hail a cab, the cabdriver immediately sees them for a couple of hicks and takes them to their hotel via New Jersey. The cab bill is $250. They are surprised at how expensive New York is, but they pay the cab bill.

The bellhop in the hotel similarly sees an easy score. When he carries their bags to the room, he tells them the fee is $50 each.

Soon Billy Bob and Cletis are running low on funds. They pool resources and them have $2.50. How are they going to afford to do anything in New YorK? Billy Bob says give me the money. Im going into that drug store. When he returns Cltis asks him what he has purchased. Billy Bob proudly shows Cletis a box of Tampex.

Cletis is amazed. Billy Bob have you gone crazy. We have no money We cant do anything. Now you take our last $2.50 and buy Tampex!!!

Billy Bob replies Crazy, eh. Just look at what this box says: with Tampex you can go swimming, you can go horseback riding, you can go dancing…

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