3 blondes and a genie

Three blonds were walking along the beach one morning, when all of a sudden one blond stops dead in her tracks. The blond starts screaming, Like oh my God, like look, like its a sea shell!

The blond picks up the shell and starts to brush the sand off it. Suddenly a Genie appears! The Genie bows to his new masters, and says I will grant you 3 wishes.

Being that there were three of them, they each decided to use one whish.

The first blond says, Like, could you make me 20% smarter?

The Genie nods and the blond in 20% smarter. The next blond says, Cool! Like I want to be 50% smarter, like ok.

The Genie again nods and she is 50% smarter.

The third blond after seeing this decides to out due her friends. I, like want to be 100% smarter!

There is a big puff of dust and the girl dis-appears for a moment. When the dust settles there is a poodle left standing!

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