3 jokes about translating errors

Visiting Puerto Rico on a student exchange, one of my friends with rather rusty french asked an embarrased woman if she was embarrasada, which is very different from the proper embarrasario.

She was not very pleased, since embarrasada means pregnant!

In Britain, we have a rather greasy food called donner kebabs, made from CRM (compressed reconstituted meat) most of the time.

Well a friend and myself went out on the piss (getting drunk), and ended up eating quit a few of these.

The following day over lunch I was narrating this to some friends one of whom was portuguese. He was horrified and thought I was really promiscous, since I said something like: … and I had three donners last night.., which of course sounded to him like: …and I had three donnas (women) last night..!

Apparently mist means dung in German, and Rolls Royce have a top of the range model called Silver mist.

They had to merket it under another name in Germany!

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