3 true stories

This may sound like an urban legend – but it actually happened to my Dad!

My father work requires him to make several home calls, one of which resulted in the following amusing tale:

As he arrived at the house in question, he knocked on the door – and as he walked in a dog ran in behind him and headed straight for the lounge.

Whilst discussing the deal the dog was leaping all over both of them – my dad thought it was rather strange that this was going unnoticed by the householder.

He also thought it was rather strange that the dog was allowed inside the room whilst they were talking. After several minutes the wife walked in the room with a tray of drinks and the dog just ran up to her and knocked the tray out of her hand, spllling tea all over the place – it was at this point my dad decided to casually ask: How long have you had the dog?

Their reply was Oh – we thought it was yours! … It was a stray!!!

Another of his visits (which was made a few days into my first year at high school) was made to someone whose daughter had just started at the same school as me who turned out to be in the same class as me.

When my dad mentioned my name she said Oh – hes the one who blew up the test tube – an incident which I hadnt told my parents about until then – so I had some explaining to do when he got back!!

(Incidently – the explosion was caused when I poored cold water onto hot magnesium oxide!!! (idiot))

And now one about an experience that happened to me at school once:

In one of our classes at high school, the teacher had somehow got involved in asking what everyones ideal car would be, when the got round to ask me – I let a real ripper of a fart go, and the person sitting next to me said: Cor – something with air conditioning!!.

How embarassing!!! 🙂

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