A babtist and a catholic preacher

A Baptist preacher and a catholic preacher are driving out on a road.

The catholic preacher sees a cat in the middle of the road, and slams on his brakes. The cat is avoided, but the Baptist preacher hits the back of the catholic preacher.

They step out of their cars, and begin talking. Oh, I am so sorry, that was my fault, says the Baptist preacher.

While waiting for the cops after they called by cell phone, the preachers soon start talking about their professions to pass the time.

You know, I never understood why catholic preachers dont drink wine to represent Christs blood. The catholic preacher responds, Well, we believe that drinking wine is wrong, and just use grape juice instead. I have a bottle of wine in my glove compartment right now. Tell you what, lets drink a little right now while waiting for the cops.

Oh, no I couldnt, replies the catholic, but after pressuring him, the catholic preacher soon agrees.

The Baptist preacher takes out the wine and a couple of Dixie cups, and pours a little into each. The catholic preacher drinks it down quickly. That wasnt that bad, youre right, the catholic preacher says. Noticing the baptist hasnt drank his wine, he asks, Arent you going to have some?

Oh sure, the other replies, Ill wait until after the cops come though.

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