A man was on an airplane…

He was having a fairly uneventful international journey when all of the sudden he had an incredible urge to use the restroom.He got up and crossed over to the mens lavatory when he noticed a long line. The man, being positive that he could not wait any longer walked over to a stewardess.Please maam, may I go to the womens restroom? I noticed there was no line there.After much begging the stewardess relunctantly areed. Okay, sir. But please, DO NOT touch any buttons.He agreed and went to the restroom immediatly to relieve himself. Next to the toilet paper there were three large colored buttons. Being interested, and being male he said… Why not?He pressed the blue button. Immediatly a large mechanical arm with a powder poof at the end powdered his face.Hmm… interesting.He pressed the green button. Immediatly another mechanical arm with a brush on the end brushed the mans hair.Man, the guys are getting jipped.He pressed the red button. Everything went black. When he opened his eyes he found himself in a hospital room.Pushed a button, eh? A young nurse asked.The man felt a sharp pain in between his legs. Erm… yeah… He sighed.The nurse laughed. It was a mechanical tampon remover. She turned to walk away, By the way… your… your… its under the pillow.

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