A Tasteless Joke

Three guys are travelling across the country. Their car breaks down in
the middle of nowhere, so they get out and start walking. They come
across this farm, so they go up, knock on the door, and the farmer comes
to the door and they explain their predicament to him. The farmer says
he will drive them into town tomorrow, but they will have to wait until
the morning, because everything in town is closed at this late hour.
The farmer then offers them food, and lets them sleep in the garage.
Before they go to sleep, the farmer comes out and tells them, My daughter
is a nymphomaniac. If I hear any one of you even thinking about f*cking her,
I will blow your brains out. The farmer then leaves and goes to bed.

About 2:00am one of the guys wakes up. The temptation is too great for him.
He goes into the house and walks slowly up the stairs. About half way up
the stairs, he hits a loose board. CREAK!!! Immediately the farmer wakes up.

Whos there? the farmer cries.

The first guy doesnt make a sound. Then he has an idea! meow….. meow…

Pretty soon, the farmer goes back to sleep, the guy finishes climbing
the stairs, and f*cks the daughter until his hearts content. He then
goes back to the barn, completely satisfied. The second guy looks at him
and says, well?

Oh, man. She was awesome. Best I ever had.

So the second guy starts heading toward the house. The first guy says,
By the way, if you hit the loose stair, just pretend youre a pussy-cat.

So, as the second guy climbs the stairs… CREAK! Whos there?
meow… meow…, and f*cks til his hearts content.

When he gets back to the barn, the third guy looks over and says… well?

Awesome. Best Ive ever had.

So the third guy decides he will take his shot at the farmers nymphomaniac.
He goes into the house, and creeps slowly up the stairs. CREAK! Whos
there??? Who is it?

In a very low, meek voice, the third guy says…its just a littly

Give me a break! I didnt say it was a good joke!

Michael Burtz

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