Adult story about Little Red Riding Hood

Before Little Red Riding Hood went through the forest to see her granny, Mother warned her: There is a Wolf in the woods. Be careful and if you happen to meet him hide where you can.

So Little Red Riding Hood went through the forest. Suddenly she heard something move nearby. As she saw no place to hide she hid her face in her skirt.

As she wore no underpants, it was a magnificient view for a young hunter who appeared on the path. And he said to himself: Why not to make use of the opportunity that is offering to me?

And he began – you know what.

After a while Little Red Riding Hood dared to ask: Are you the Wolf? still hidding her face.

Of cource I am, answered the hunter.

And what are you doing? Are you eating me?

Yes, I am.

So go on, wolf. I like it very much.

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