Air balloon

There once were three men who were in an air balloon and the Japanese man said, Lets throw whatever you have in your pockets out of the balloon.

The other two men agreed and the Chinese man goes and throws a penny off of the balloon and sees a girl on the ground crying, so he says, Whats wrong little girl?

The girl says, A penny hit me in the head from the sky.

The Japenese man goes next, and he throws off a quarter and sees a little girl on the ground crying so he goes down and says, Little girl, why are you crying?

She says, A quarter hit me in my head from the sky.

The mexican goes last and he throws off a bomb and sees a little boy laughing really hard. Curious, he goes down to the little boy and asks, Little boy, why are you laughing?, and the lil boy says I farted and my house blew up.


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