Artec mouse manual (Taiwan)

I am contributing the following word-for-word quotations from my Artec Mouse Manual (mouse mfgd in Taiwan):

Welcome to work with the smart mouse.

Right from now your computer job are no more a boring and tremendous typing process.

Alternatively, an easy and freiendly method to communicate with your personal computer does just present in you sight.

Because the content to this manual progresses as a logical manner, we recommend you should read it in order.

In order to facilitate our customers ready. This manual is presented in seven different languages.

Before you begin to read this manual, check what mouse package you are.

The driver supports a help list that users can call it anytime.

Note: the driver provides default setting for those parameter list above you had not selected.

The screen shows the version of the Mouse driver that you are using and many hardware configured information.

Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit the receiver is connected (hunh? what??)

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