Back Wheels

One day timmy and jane were in the woods and timmy oulled his pants down and jane asked whats that?

Timmy says I dont know?

Then Jane pulls her pants down and timmy asks whats that?

She says I dont know? so they said Lets find out.

So timmy goes home and asks his dad what that was and his dad replies thats your tricycle when ever u get a chance park it in a girls garage.

Then Jane asks her mom, whats that? her mom replies, thats ur garage dont ever let a boy park his tricycle in it.

So they both meet up in the woods and timmy says this is my tricycle and jane says this is my garage.

Later that day jane goes home and she is covered in blood and hr mom says jane what happened?

Jane replies dont worry mom this isnt my blood, timmy tried parking his tricycle in my garage so i ripped his back wheels off.

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