Bad student

A kid comes home from school and his mother asks him, How was school son?

He replies, It wasnt good at all Mom, I had sex with my teacher.

She blows up and tells him to go imediately to his room.

His father comes home and walks into his room to find he is looking at some porno mags and says to his son, You had sex with your teacher son?

Kid replies, Yeah it wasnt good.

The father says, Well your only 14 years old and you have done a good job. Well go tomorrow and get that new bike you have always wanted.

They go the next day and get the bike.

Then the father asks him, Do you want to ride it home or just put it in the back of the truck?

The kid replies, I better just put it in the back of the truck.

They get into the truck and the father asks his son, So why didnt you wanna ride it home?

The son tells him, Because Mr. Green got me in the butt pretty hard yesterday.

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