Bambis got a gun

Told to me by a friend:

We went to a party last Saturday night. One of the party-goers is
friend of ours who happens to be a policeman in Wayland.

He told this story about he and a friend who went to Maine to
go deer hunting. Seems they didnt get what they were after,
but that was OK because they had the last laugh.

They had brought with them an inflatable, man sized doll which
they dressed in hunters clothing and tied it to the hood of their
car just before leaving to return home. They also had pullover
head masks that looked exactly like a deer which of course
they each put on, and then drove nonchalantly down the Maine turnpike.

To say that they caused a commotion would be an
understatement. They even got pulled over by a Maine
State Trooper who said that they were really doing
nothing wrong, but told them they were leaving a trail of
accidents behind and asked them to kindly remove the

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