Blonde deodorant

blonde walks into a pharmacy and asks the pharmacist
for a bottom deodorant. "Sorry, we dont sell bottom
deodorant" the pharmacist replies, struggling to
keep from laughing.
"But I always buy it here", the blonde
says. "I bought one last month". Thinking
quickly, the pharmacist suggests, " I dont know
what you bought before, may be you can bring in the
empty container next time". "Sure",
the blonde replies. "Ill bring it with me tomorrow"
The next day, the blonde walks into the shop again
and hands the pharmacist an almost empty deodorant
stick. "This is just a normal deodorant",
the pharmacist tells the blonde, "You use it
under your arms".
"No, it is not", the blonde answers, "it
says so here: To apply, push up bottom".

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