Camel Questions

The little camel went to his mother and asked, Mother, why do we camels have such big eyes?

She looked on him lovingly and replied, You see, my son, when we are walking in the dessert and the wind starts to blowing and theres sand everywhere, we need these big eyes to keep an eye on one another so that we dont get lost.

Oh! he said. And why do we have such huge feet?

Well, she said, they allow us to walk easily in the dessert sands and help us avoid sinking into the dunes.

Wow, he said, great equipment. What the heck is this stuff on our backs for?

You see, his mother informed, we can walk for days, even weeks without food or water, so we use it to store fat during those times. But why do you ask me all these obvious questions?

Well, mother, said the young camel, I was just wondering, if weve got all of this great stuff, what are we doing in the zoo?

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