Car wreck because of naughty passenger

One day this husband and wife were driving along the highway. It was his birthday, and his wife decided to gove him a little peep show while he was driving. She decided to wear a dress with nothing underneath to make it more interesting. The man became so excited by his wifes behavior that he caused a five car pile-up on an exit ramp.

Their car was totalled. The husband was very badly hurt and unable to leave the car. The wife, though, was fine, but since her dress was caught on something, the only way she could get out was by taking it off, leaving her butt naked.

The husband needed her to go and get help, but couldnt have her parading around in the nude, so he gave her one of his shoes and told her to make good use of it. She placed it over her crotch, figuring that was best.

Just off of the offramp was a convenience store. She walked in, wearing nothing save her husbands shoe, and said to the man behind the counter, Please, sir, youve gotta help me. My husband and I had an accident and we need help getting him out.

The cashier looked at her and her shoe and replied, Well, honey, I dont know what to tell you. If hes already in *that* far, I dont think theres much I can do to help.

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