Caught In The Act

Hosni Mubarak and his wife are in Rio de Janeiro on vacation.

When theres no-one around, they decide to make love on the beach.

Unfortunately some of Rios finest, catch them in their birthday suits and arrest them for lewd conduct.

Now Hosnis not too enthusiastic about being arrested so he asks the police officer whether a simple fine wouldnt do.

The police officer agrees to this and asks Hosni whether its his first offense.

He then proceeds to write up a ticket for Hosni for the sum of 100 cruzeiros (Brazilian currency), and a ticket for Hosnis wife for the sum of 300 cruzeiros.

Hosni asks the police officer why hes getting a 100 cruzeiro fine, while his wife is getting a 300 cruzeiro fine.

The cop tells him that since its a first offense, its only 100 cruzes, his wife on the other hand, shes been caught twice before.

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