Cellular technology

Four international businessmen are on the golf course, and there is a ringing sound.

The Canadian guy goes to his golf bag, pulls out his cellular phone and talks for a minute with his office.

Very important to be in touch these days, he says.

Yes, his golfing partners agree. A little bit later another, a different ring is heard, and the American golfer holds his hand up to his head (as if to imitate talking on the phone) and starts talking in what is clearly a real conversation.

After the call he explains to his friends, Its the very latest in cellular technology – a speaker is attached to my thumb, and a microphone to my pinky. You cant even tell I have it on.

A couple of holes later, a different, muted, ringing sound is heard, and the German businessman in the foursome stands erect and begins talking, again an obviously real conversation. When finished he explains, This really is the latest in cellular technology. A speaker is implanted in my ear, and a microphone in the backside of a front tooth. I just stand at attention to talk.

Suitably impressed, the foursome continues their game. Suddenly, the Japanese golfer excuses himself and ducks behind a bush. After he doesnt re-appear for several minutes, the American golfer goes to make sure he is okay. He finds him behind the bushes squatting down with his pants around his ankles.

Is everything okay? asks the American.

Yes, replies the Japanese golfer, If you could just give me a minute here, Im expecting a fax …

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