Dashing Through The Mall

Dashing Through The Mall

(sung to Dashing Through The Snow)

Dashing through the mall …
On a late December day,
Through the $tores we go
Charging all the way…

Ching … Ching … Ching …

Bell$ on register$ ring
Making checkbook$ light,
Oh, what fun it is to buy up
Everything in $ight!

Ching … Ching … Ching …

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
The kids all yell and scream
To us it sounds like anarchy
But to them its harmony-HEY!

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
The children tipped the tree
Antique ornaments smashed to bits
The kids each say not me

Dad goes to work each day
Engineering things for flight
But his real job is at home
Refereeing little fights

Mom drives the kids around
In an ancient Caravan
Karate, swimming, childrens choir
Espresso in her hand-HEY!

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells
Jingle all the way
Our wish to you is that you have
A … Happy … Holi-dayyyyyyyyy.

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