Ethnic slur, otherwise clean

This ethnically disadvantaged male person goes into the travel agency and proclaims, Ive seen your ad about a $99.00 trip to Hawaii, and Id like to go.

The travel agent says, Listen, friend, this is my first day here, but I know about all the details of that crumby $99.00 offer, and believe me, you DONT want it. Take the next best offer, which is only $1,399.00.

Oh, no you dont, says the Polak, youre not going to catch ME with that bait and switch. The ad says $99.00 to Hawaii, and THATs what I want.

Okay, says the agent, who takes a baseball bat from under the desk and hits the Polak in the head. The Polak wakes up a few hours later, on a raft out in the Pacific Ocean!

He looks around, and theres NOTHING, only he and another Polak on the raft.

What are we going to do? cries our hero, surely theyll send a ship for us.

I dont think so, responds his new-found travelling companion, they didnt LAST YEAR.

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