Euphemisms from the Classifieds

Women Seeking Men: WORD MEANING

Affectionate Possessive

Artistic Unreliable

Athletic Flat-Chested

Exotic beauty Would frighten a Martian

Free spirit Substance user

Fun Annoying

Loves animals Cat lady

New Age All body hair, all the time

Outgoing Loud

Spiritual Involved with a cult

Stable Boring

Wants Soulmate Stalker

Men Seeking Women WORD MEANING

Athletic Sits on the sofa and watches ESPN

Average looking Average hair growth on ears, nose and back

Educated Will always treat you like an idiot

Employed On management track at Radio Shack

Financially Secure I will spend so in return for which I to obey my every whim of your moral life.

Free Spirit Sleeps with your sister

Huggable Overweight, more body hair than Gentle Ben

Professional Owns a white button-down

Sensitive Needy

Stable Stalker, but never convicted

Thoughtful Says please when demanding a beer

Young at heart Pedophile

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