Famous last words

This will be a short meeting

You can put it together yourself in five minutes

One slice of pizza wont blow my diet

Youll housebreak him in no time at all

Theyll feel terrific once you break them in

Weve been in business for 30 years, were not going anywhere

When it sez empty theres always a gallon or two left

If you knew anything at all, you wouldnt be a Traffic Cop

You can make it – that truck isnt coming all that fast

Of course bring the kids

Thats not poison oak

I dont burn, I tan

Take off your clothes, the doctor will be right with you

Your table will be ready in 5 minutes

Of course theyre mushrooms, toadstools come to a point

No trouble at all, dont give it a second thought

We service what we sell

Believe me, nobodys dressing up

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