Female Logic

The Supervisor was berating a key punch operator over her lack of output. …And look at Tina, working right next to you, she has triple your keystrokes.

I know, I know! replied Sheryl, Ive been telling her to slow down for weeks now.

The new Marine recruit was awakened roughly by her platoon Sergeant after the rookies first night in the barracks.

Its four-thirty ! roared the Sergeant.

Four-thirty?!?!? gasped the recruit. Youd better go to bed. Weve got a big day tomorrow.

The newly rich Yuppette was going thru her culture routine and was standing in front on an oil painting of a ragged but happy vagabond. Go figure. she said aloud. Too broke to buy himself any decent clothes but he spends Lord knows how much to have his portrait painted.

Two Yuppettes were lamenting the death of a friend who had died the day before. I understand, observed one, that Dinah left very few effects.

Figures … replied the second, she had very few causes.

The college graduate was listing her experience during a job interview. I was also the recording secretary of the chess club.

I see. said the personnel officer. And as such, exactly what were your duties.

I read the hours of the last meeting.

I resent that remark. said the blonde as she rose from the cafeteria table. Ill give you 5 seconds to take that back.

Oh yeah? snarled the dark haired woman, who upon standing was head and shoulders above the blonde. Suppose I dont take it back in five seconds?

Well … stammered the blonde, how much time do you need?

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