Two diehard golfers are out playing a round when a thunderstorm
comes roaring in. On the third tee, a bolt of lighting comes down
and stikes the golfers dead..

Arriving at those pearly gates, God comes down to talk to
the 2 men.

Sorry, but we made a mistake says God, it seems that it
was not your time to die. Now I can send you back but you have
to go back as someone different, it is just too confusing since
they all ready had the funeral. In fact your wife is already
dating he says to one of the golfers.

After two golfer have a little talk they approach God and
request we decided we want to go back as a couple of
dykes ask the first golfer, good looking dykes if you
please says the second.

I can send you back as dykes replies God but I must
know why you guys want to be dykes

Well we figure if we go back as dykes we still get to
eat pussy says the first golfer, plus we get to tee off
from the womans tee.

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