Give me a push?

One night a man and his wife are in bed when the man hears a knock on his door,
so he gets up and opens it. Standing there is a very drunk guy who asks the
homeowner to give him a push.What! the homeowner yells in an angry voice and promptly slams the door in
the drunks face. He goes back upstairs and gets back in bed, and his wife asks
him who it was. Just a guy wanting a push, the husband says.Why didnt you help him? the woman asks.Because its 3:30 in the morning! the husband yells.The wife, slightly angry now, says, Remember that time our car broke down and someone was nice enough to help us in the middle of the night? I think you should help him.Very grumpy now, the husband gets back up, gets dressed, and goes outside. Not
seeing the man or his car, he yells out, Where are you? You said you wanted a push!The drunk calls out, Im over here!Still not seeing the drunk, the husband yells out again, WHERE?!The drunk yells back, OVER HERE, BY YOUR SWING SET!

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