Golden Bar Joke

One night, a man comes home slightly drunk and his wife (who is suspecting
hes cheating on her) questions his whereabouts…

Wife: Where were you??

Man: I was at this new bar called the Golden Bar. Everything is golden

Wife: Sure you were. Theres no such place!

Man: There is! They have huge golden doors, a golden floors, and even
golden urinals!

Wife: Oh, I BELEIVE you 100%

So, the next day the wife looks through the phone book for this golden bar.
Shes surprised when she finds a Golden Bar located across town. She decides
to call up and check this out for herself…

Wife: Is this the Golden Bar?

Bartender: Yes it is..

Wife: Do you have huge golden doors?

Bartender: Yes we do…

Wife: Do you have golden floors??

Bartender: We have them, too…

Wife: What about golden urinals?

Bartender (speaking away from phone): Hey Max, I think we have a lead on
the guy that fouled your alto-sax.

Tony Marasco

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