Henry Ford dies and meets with Adam in Heaven

Henry Ford went to heaven upon his death and was given a warm welcome at the pearly gates. St. Peter, after completing the formalities, asked him how he would like to spend his time.

Ford, the great inventor, asked to see some of the inventors before him. So St. Peter printed out the list of all the inventors currently (doing time) in heaven.

As Ford started to go through the list, he came across the name Adam. He queried if it was the same guy who discovered Eve, the woman. St Peters confirmed that indeed Adam was the man credited with the discovery of women.

Ford requested an audience with Adam, as he had a few things to straighten out with him.

When the scheduled meeting took place, Ford was all over Adam, attacking him for the flaws in his invention. Your invention is the most stupid work of engineering I ever saw. There is too much of front end protrusion, the rear end wobbles too much, it chatters at high speeds and the intake is placed too close to the exhaust.

Obviously, Adam doesnt like it too much. He thinks for a while and then leads Henry Ford to the Celestial computer. He works with the enormous data banks and in a few minutes there are beeps and all that, and out come a few charts and graphs.

Look here, Mr Ford. Despite all the flaws you pointed out, data shows that there are more men riding my product than yours.

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