If Operating Systems Were Cars

If various operating systems were cars, what would they be?
Linux is the Fiat of operating systems, its fun when its not broken.
Eventually, though youll get fed up and get something better.
Windows NT is a 1964 Mercury Monteray, its big beyond big and a
real waste of our resources. It makes a lot of noise, though.
MS-DOS is a Tyco slot racer. Its a silly toy that takes you around and
around in circles.
MacOS is one of those talking cars. Some people think theyre neat.
The rest of us want to break them.
Emacs is a M1A1 Abrams tank. Ok, so Emacs isnt really an OS and an
Abrams isnt a car, but theyre both close and theyre both BIG.
AIX is a mail truck. When youre using it you keep wondering why
everything is this backwards!
OS/2 is one of those 3 cylinder Geo jobbies. People who use em brag about
how efficient they are. The rest of us think they should get real.
VMS is a Volkswagon Beetle. When you see em you turn, punch your friend
in the arm and laugh. The strange thing is, you still see them around!
AmigaDOS is a DeLorean. Sure its pretty slick and all, but theyre just
not made anymore.

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