Jesus, Moses, and an old man golfing

Jesus, Moses, and an old man were golfing one day. Moses teed off first and hit a wicked slice into the pond. Unflustered, Moses walked down to the pond, raised his staff (er, club) and the waters parted. Moses walked to his ball and chipped it up onto the green.

Jesus was up next and hit the same ugly slice into the pond. But when the ball hit the water, it didnt sink. Jesus walked across the water to the ball, and calmly chipped it up onto the green.

The old man went next, and sure enough he hit the same slice towards the pond. But just before the ball could hit the water a fish leaped up and caught the ball in its mouth. A huge bird swooped out of the sky and caught the fish in its mighty talons. As the bird flew over the green, a lightening bolt flashed out of the sky and hit the bird. The fish dropped from the sky, and landed on the green. The ball popped out of the fishs mouth and rolled into the cup for a hole-in-one.

At this, Jesus turned to the old man and said…

Dad, youre such a show off!

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