Lady of the manor and her wind problem

The Lady of the manor lived on for many years after the old Lord had died. Indeed, she continued in the true blue-blooded ways to which the old Lord had always set the finest example, including maintaining their wide circle of august friends.

For this particular evening the old Lady had arranged a large dinner at the manor and of course the finest of aristocracy in the land had accepted invitations.

Unfortunately the old dear had developed a severe wind problem, shall we say. But being a pragmatist and CERTAINLY not prepared to even entertain the THOUGHT of cancelling the dinner, she summoned the butler before the first guests were due to arrive.

George, she said, You are of course aware of my WIND problem. No, no, do not hesitate, I KNOW you are! Just please do as I ask. Please see that you stand right behind me all evening, just in case I should need you.

Yes, Maam, said George.

That evening, halfway through the third course, it duly happened. The old Lady let loose with a real whopper – a roar! Immediately she turned around in her chair and said, George, will you STOP that!

And George promptly responded, Yes, Maam, if I can find out which way it went.

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